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Jay Goulart, Founder
Big Philanthropy
Master Solicitation Trainer


After 25 years as a front-line fundraiser with independent schools, Jay recently founded Big Philanthropy, a unique boutique fundraising consulting firm. He is a CASE Crystal Apple recipient for teaching excellence, CASE Laureate, and known nationally as a master solicitation coach and a leading fundraising innovator. Jay is often referred to as the consultant to the consultants. 


He launched the first parent electronic newsletter in the late '90s, started the first nonprofit blog for marketing in 1999, and recently was part of a three-person team that designed the first nonprofit application utilizing IBM's Watson.


He is the architect of the Family of Funds, an annual fund model used now by independent schools across the country. In the summer of 2021, he was featured in both a CASE European & Australian podcast for closing a multimillion-dollar cryptocurrency gift. In the fall of 2021, Big Philanthropy launched the first online AI-powered volunteer solicitation training platform to ensure volunteers are successful when asking.


Business Conference

Solicitation Masterclass

Join the 1000+ fundraising professionals and key leaders who have experienced this transformational training.

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Custom Solicitation Coaching

Have the one on one instructional time to help you master the art and science of the solicitation process. Get the key language that closes transformational gifts.


One of the most dynamic nonprofit speakers in the marketplace. Entertaining, engaging and thought provoking. 

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Done For You Retention Communications

8 years of donor retention communications are completely written for you. Very easy to customize to your organization. Save time and thousands of dollars today!

AI Powered Solicitation Training

A powerful training tool that customizes the experience of everyone being trained.

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Client Sampling

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Micro Consulting Sessions

Making sure you are prepared for the solicitation meeting is critical. You only get one chance to get it right. Have the best insurance policy possible. 

I would like to learn more about your services

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